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Co-founder of the organization

Michaela Grefa Licuy Juraštíková


íša is Agustín’s wife and she comes from Ostrava. She studied Physiotherapy, completed a three-year Shiatsu school, and focused on Chinese medicine with an emphasis on herbal medicine, combining her knowledge with her husband’s.

She has always been interested in nature, particularly flora, and has had a longing for harmony in the world since she was a child.

Together with Augustín, she leads seminars for personal development, engaging with individuals who resonate with the Amazonian path.

They also guide interested individuals in stays in the Amazon and those interested in the shamanic path in Europe, specifically in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany.

Her guiding principle in life is: “By being a good person, I can provide a strong foundation for my family. The more families lead fulfilling lives, the more my lifelong aspiration can become a reality. I wish to live with respect for our living Mother Earth, in a world where people and other beings help each other with understanding and love. Life is full of tests, and I strive to find balance and contribute at least a little by lending a helping hand to nature through rainforest conservation.”


Míša je Agustýnovou ženou, pocházející z Ostravska. Vystudovala Fyzioterapii , tříletou školu Shiatsu, Čínskou medicínu se zaměřením na bylinky, kde propojuje své vědomosti se svým mužem.

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