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How to Find Us in Ecuador

Adventure awaits

Sacha Samay It is located in the foothills at an elevation of approximately 397 meters above sea level, which means it is not as hot here and there are no mosquitoes like in the flat rainforest. You can swim in the local river without worry. Malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever are not present in our area.

In our facility, we have drinking water from a mountain spring, shared flush toilets, electricity, and the option to pay for WiFi connection, which works on sunny days (the signal may be lost during storms). Accommodation is provided in simple wooden rooms with three beds, each with a pillow, blanket, towel, and mosquito net.

Way to Sacha Samay leads through city Tena, which is well know waypoint to Ecuadorian amazon. In order reaching Tena takes bit travelling around, but is fairly small and welcoming place once you arrive there.

1. Take a plane to Quito

You can comfortably fly with just one stopover using KLM. If you want to save money, LAN also flies with one stopover through Madrid or Paris. If you are EU citizen and decide to have a layover in the USA, don’t forget to arrange your visas. The airport in Quito is modern, well-organized and straightforward.

From Quito to Tena

Now the real adventure begins. Whether you decide to stay for couple of days and explore quite or go straight to Tena is up to you. Quito is an amazing place to be and is generally safe to explore on your own and used to Tourism.

Taking Bus

Main Terminal Quitumbe in Quito runs regular bus each 3 hours to Tena. You can explore and even book ahead using any online booking services.

Taking TAXI

It is possible to arrange a taxi, usually costing around 100-130 USD. I have never taken a taxi as the bus is convenient and much cheaper! If you are interested in a taxi, contact us directly ahead, and he will arrange it for you. WhatsApp Agustin Grefa: +420 606 294 520

Where to go in Tena

Once you arrive in Tena please accommodate your self in hostel Limoncocha. Please book your stay ahead with

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We shall pick you up

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